What does Shahrukh and Aamir Khan do to avoid becoming Zero?

For the promotion of the movie ‘Ghazni’, Amir Khan played salon and played a role in the brahamam. You probably remember!
How to make viewers brought to the cinema hall, different types of presents are being tried and they are named today in the name of film promotion and film marketing.
Every year you make Bollywood movies you will be counting on counting. The film business experts believe that their number is more than one thousand.
Whenever the viewers were just danced to the theater watching the movie poster, today poster, hovering or trailer is not enough to bring the viewer to the cinema hall.
Referring to the importance of film marketing, T Series Global Marketing president and co-filmmaker Vinod Bhansashali said: “People in India are very keen on movies but the number of people watching movies in the theater spend less than four million While there are around 8,500 screens across the country. It is our goal to bring the viewer to the theater because there is real movie revenue from it.

Shahrukh Khan has been marketing unique in his movies. He was the first Indian star to promote the film ‘Rae Ki’, which was associated with the audience through Google Plus.
According to the movie ‘Happy New Year’, the whole team had done ‘Saleem World Tour’, while a fan on the wall of Shahrukh’s ‘Tank’ house made a graphite that was part of the promotion of his film ‘Fan’. .
Shahrukh Khan plays a role in a dwarf or pistol in his upcoming film ‘Zero’.
His role is ‘Baba Singh’ and the promotion of the film is being done with untold impression and ‘Amjad Aksa’ is being supported by the audience.
Emoticons and cuffs are also made for the Wites app. There is also an account of the role of Bhaa Singh Singh on Twitter that chat with the audience in his style.

Shahrukh Khan said on film marketing: ‘The role of a sawa is very strange for me. I can not explain it to anyone. She is not like me. Film marketing has been tried in such a way that when people come to theater, forget in the first 10 minutes that Shah Rukh is playing a role.

‘If you like or dislike it, just understand as a father. That’s why our marketing is based on the role. ‘
Shahrukh says that film marketing is very important because the film ‘Zero’ is a different and expensive film. His film is being released on Christmas, so he is hoping for the good business of the film.
Earlier in 2008, before the release of ‘Ghajini’ movie, Aamir Khan became a hammer to attract audiences and gave a new haircut ‘Gujani Hirak’ to one of her fans who became a trend in the country and many People look in that way.

This unique marketing film was successful and the film hit proved.
In 2009, a unique type of promotion of the film “Thory Editions” of Prince Huntani.
Aamir Khan, who played the main role in the film’s main role, disappeared for two weeks and kept his friends in the place where the role of his friend and Sharman Joshi were in search of them.
This promotion has gotten fascinating in the film and the movie proved to be the most earning movie in its era.
The actor Vidya Balan’s “2012” story of ‘Sunni’ movie was also unique, under which the ladies stroll on becoming pregnant women.
The story was proved to be a female based film that earned more than Rs 100 crores.
However, for the promotion of the movie ‘Bobby Spies’ released in the year 2014, Vidya made a wide variety of heroes. Once he became an artist and this video became very populous.
Jaini Lal Gada, the producer of ‘story’, believes that marketing of movies is very important because the movie business is very business.
‘It takes about two months to take the viewer to the premium hall, so this work is very difficult.’
Jaini Lal said about ‘marketing’ story: ‘Ghosh’s movie was flopped before the story. It was the pressure to make a better movie. Marketing would fail if the movie was not better. Both the good stories and good marketing are important for the success of the film.

Gautam B Baskar, CEO of Avery Day Media, promoting digital media platforms of about 300 films, says that today marketing is not merely in India but also the most impressive.

He adds: “The people living in Mumbai are common to show movie star, but the source of watching movies artists in India’s small cities is Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These cities have hungry film content. Digital marketing is very important to reach the audience. ‘

Jaini Lal Gada believes that ‘digital workers’ work has become easier because they get answers to this question, how many people have reached their movie, how many viewers watched the movie trailer. For example, if one hundred people have reached the trailer, they will reach five thousand theaters.

T-Vince Vinod Bhansashali also agree with Jaini Lal’s idea.
He says: ‘The audience’s mode of digital platform shows what kind of movies they like. Who many movies watches for the year so that it can be used in marketing. Through this, we try to reach awesome audience, it is used to understand very much.

Gotham believes that if film is big stars in film, movie marketing should be reduced because the viewers are waiting for movies like actors like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Ritak Roshan. On the other hand, small movies that do not have big stars to reach the audience

Story Of The First Superstar Of The Indian Film Industry: Rajesh Khanna Used to fill the demand for the girls’

Rajesh Khanna was the first superstar of the Indian film industry in fact.
He won the heart of the movie fans by paying attention to his hairstyle, big collar shirts and eyelashes.
Yasir Usman who wrote the book ‘The Intellectual Storage of India’s First Superstar’ about Rajesh Khanna’s life, once asked a Bengali woman what Rajesh Khanna is important for them. Yasir said, this lady said, ‘You will not understand.’ When we watch their movie, it is as if we are meeting with them. We used to make a movie, go to beauty parlor and dress up for a movie. We thought they were doing the same for ours when they are blazing or smiling on the curtains.

He said that every girl sitting in the hall felt the same.

Yasir said that his white-colored car used to redeem the girls from the lipstick and the girls used to fill their demand with the dust of their car. It is not listening but true events.

It was famous about Rajesh Khanna that he was always a ‘Latif Latif’ and humble person.
When I asked people whether they were like this from the beginning, they came to know that their first movie ‘secrets’ was called on the same day at eight o’clock. But they reached the set eleven o’clock. All were surprised that this is a new boy, how can it be so late on the day of shooting? Everyone was staring at them. Some senior people scolded them. Rajesh Khanna said, ‘Take a look at the action and career of such a career. I will not change my life style for anything. ‘There are two things possible with this swimming pool, either man goes too high or very low.

Initially the main role of the mother was of mother. But till the end of the movie, Rajesh Khanna had a double role. The film’s demotion was done as if it is important for Sharmila Tagore as a Mad India film. But instead of Shyilly Tagore, who came out watching the film at Premier, talking to the boy.

Rajesh Khanna told in an interview that ‘I was talking hi hi before the show started.’ No answer was given. After the show, the same people came looking for me. I went to the hotel till then. I was called from the hotel to ask you about it.

He then gave 13-14 hits to the movies. Such example is not found in Indian movies till date.
Usman tells that during that time social media was neither nor TV channels, such as capture of the hearts of a boy was not a minor thing. Every film hit and block batter was happening.
Only seven months in Big Thaiters, films of Rajesh Khanna remain on.
The famous writer of Hindi films, Salim Khan, told that Rajesh Khanna was a dancer in people who had never seen it before.

They think that people used to see themselves in Rajesh Khanna. His smile was attracted to girls. His voice was good, his songs proved to be very good. “
So, there was no shortage of girls who died on Rajesh Khanna, but his closest friend was actress Anja Mihindro. Yasir Usman said that Anja was in his life since he was going through difficulty to get movies. Anju gave him a lot. Anju was struggling these days too. When they became a star, they used to go to their home. The school girls surrounded by a steep car. And then, the rage came in the relations between Rajesh Khanna and Anju.

She became a big star but wanted her to be like a star with them. But she used to say that she was the old man for me, but she wanted me to present in them the way the star is presented. It was not possible for me. ‘

Rajesh Khanna wanted to appreciate all around him. What was wrong about Anna used to say to her. But after achieving success, he started giving Anna less time.
Yasir said, “A few days later, Dampal came to Kappia in the life of Rajesh Khanna. She was very young at age. Within three or four days, he decided to marry Dumple. Anju found out so much later on.

When Rajesh Khanna’s Barat was going to Bombay Bindra area, he turned the way into the batch. They took Barat from front of their house. Perhaps the person in Rajesh’s eating person always said that ‘I will tell you what I am.’ It is a different thing that later his friendship was again friendly. ‘

It is said that Rajesh Khanna can not handle his success properly.
Yasir Usman said, ‘Success over failure has ruined the people. There is a breakthrough. There is a lot of wealth in succession. If it is abusive, man can fall down and fall. Success is difficult to digest. ‘

Rajesh Khanna could not even balance. They succeeded as they grew up.
The actors who played romance in difficulties began in the era of Angry Young in movies. Rajesh Khanna worked in a few films that caused his loss to harm. Yasir Usman says, ‘The era was changing, people were going to action by romance. The chain arrived at that time. After that Shallow and wall. The angry characters started to rise. Rajesh was the actor of romantic films.

The sudden transformation of the movies, in depression