YouTube banned dangerous jokes and tricks

Video sharing site YouTube has prohibited dangerous and emotionally painful content on its platforms.
This move has been answered in response to the so-called ‘challenges’ that sometimes injures some of them or cause injury to them.
Google Video Sharing Site has said that there is no place on YouTube’s content.
However, this company is failing to implement its latest regulations on harmful content on the site.
In a report on internet activity, it has shown that how to present a fraud or such things are still on the site, though the agreement was made to remove such items in the last April.

Some videos have been seen several million times. YouTube says they have worked in the aggressive manner to implement their legal policy so that such things can be removed.
Applying your new rules to fun or humorous videos can prove more difficult because it keeps in mind that what is harmful and which is not.
One of the most commonly asked questions in YouTube’s FAQ category is that YouTube has many viruses and favorite challenges and funks (fun).
It further states: ‘We have always been the leader of the principle, to determine whether comedy is and they do not go into a harmful and dangerous category.’
‘Our community is prohibited from activities in the ganglins that encourage dangerous things and become serious and today it is described as dangerous challenges and fun.’
The site says that they will no longer allow a video that has fun or disorder, and it may have a risk of physical or serious physical injury.
It includes such fun, scolding, aggressive, entertaining and humiliating etc. whose victim feels he is in grave danger, although there is no real danger.

The site further added: ‘We will not allow such mischief in which the infants go through severe emotional trauma – something like which the child lives again in shock.’
YouTube has said that they have worked closely with the psychiatric experts who can be trauma. However, they have not published a complete list but have identified such situations as if a child believes that his parents have died.

The new rules have come in response to many events of wickedness and stunts, which are also nicely in their best shape, and are worst in the worst form.
In May last year, Manesessa’s 20-year-old Malesa Perez was sentenced to six months in prison for showing her boyfriend Mario Rice. Both of them thought that his stunts video, which would save Mr. Anchylopedia an Rogue, would be viral on YouTube.

Last year, the Psychos Control Centers Organization in the United States called for one-day increase in detergent food and it came to the fore after which it was encouraged to eat food-borne beverages.

Prokter & Gamble, a manufacturer of the equipment for its procurement, had to help with the help of American football star Rob Grunnowski so that social media could create awareness regarding the public.
Recently, the challenge of driving a blind-eyed challenge in a challenge-influenced by a scenario of the Netflux show ‘Bird Box’ came to light, which resulted in at least one person’s death.